Assistance to the Flood Victims

Kalutara District is considered to be affected by floods every year. Kalutara Bodhi Trust had always been in the fore front, in giving assistance, whenever floods occur in the District. During the month of December 2017, floods have devastated same areas of the district and Mr. Ajita de Zoysa Chairman Kalutara Bodhi Trust took initiative steps to help those victims in the area. By contacting the Ratnam Foundation of the United Kingdom he was able to get a donation of Rs. 1.0 million and another half a million was received from the National Savings Bank. In addition to that Rs. 0.8 million was contributed by Kalutara Bodhi Trust itself and took immediate steps to give relief to the flood victims of the affected areas of the district. Altogether 115 victims selected by the District Secretary were provided with assistance at a ceremony convened on the 23rd of December 2017.